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Wed Mar 8 10:20:49 CET 2006


I have got a problem that i can't readily solve.
I want the following:
I want to create a supertuple that behaves both as a tuple and as a
It should do the following:
Point=superTuple("x","y","z") # this is a class factory
assert p.x==p[0]
assert p.y==p[1]
assert p.z==p[2]
I already found a recipe to do that (recipe 6.7 in the Python
cookbook). I reproduce the code hereunder:
def superTuple(*attribute_names):
    " create and return a subclass of `tuple', with named attributes "
    # make the subclass with appropriate _ _new_ _ and _ _repr_ _
    nargs = len(attribute_names)
    class supertup(tuple):
        _ _slots_ _ = ( )         # save memory, we don't need
per-instance dict
        def _ _new_ _(cls, *args):
            if len(args) != nargs:
                raise TypeError, '%s takes exactly %d arguments (%d
given)' % (
                                  typename, nargs, len(args))
            return tuple._ _new_ _(cls, args)
        def _ _repr_ _(self):
            return '%s(%s)' % (typename, ', '.join(map(repr, self)))
    # add a few key touches to our new subclass of `tuple'
    for index, attr_name in enumerate(attribute_names):
        setattr(supertup, attr_name, property(itemgetter(index)))
    supertup._ _name_ _ = typename
    return supertup

Now my problem is: i would like to extend this supertuple with class
variables so that i can obtain the following:
assert Point.x==0
assert Point.y==1
assert Point.z==2
while still having:
assert p.x==p[0]
assert p.y==p[1]
assert p.z==p[2]
This is not the case unfortunately:
Point.x=0 leads to having p.x==0
It seems not possible to have class variables and instance variable
having the same name and yet different values.

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