global, globals(), _global ?

robert no-spam at
Wed Mar 15 16:04:12 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> "robert" wrote:
>>Most variable read-s in Python anyway go to module globals - as there
>>are no other kinds of namespaces except __builtins__
> your post made some sense until I got to this paragraph, which appears to
> completely ignore local variables, arguments, and variables in intermediate
> scopes ?  maybe you could clarify ?

Of course the local namespaces on the stack are the unmentioned default 
(the intermediate frames are half way on the stack ..).

The discussion focused on off-stack, "common" name spaces. Python has 
done the right magic in order to let modularize code well.

Just self-similiar self-inspection is not (yet) done to the best in some 
places: this "_global" own module, self inspection in 
functions/classes/methods (nameless recursion), stack handling/callcc


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