Programming challenge: wildcard exclusion in cartesian products

Joachim Durchholz jo at
Sat Mar 18 20:23:55 CET 2006

wkehowski at schrieb:
>   "This is where K starts to set itself from apart from most of the
> common programming languages in use today. You rarely write loops in K
> (KDB is 100% loop-free), instead you use adverbs. An adverb modifies a
> function, returning another function, changing the ways it operates
> over its arguments and what it does with it's return values."

Doesn't sound too different from what closures do. Or lazy parameter 
<rant> I'm not sure whether the K designer actually fits that 
description, but there are too many language designers around 
reinventing the wheel, arguing whether it should have seven, eight or 
thirteen sides... </rant>


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