Need design advice. What's my best approach for storing this data?

Mudcat mnations at
Sat Mar 18 00:40:54 CET 2006

>On a different tack, to avoid thinking about any db issues, consider
>to TC2000 ( they already have all that data,
>in a database which takes about 900Mb when fully installed.

That is an interesting option also. I had actually looked for ready
made databases and didn't come across this one. Although, I don't
understand how they can fit all that info into 900Mb.

I like this option, but I guess if I decide to keep using this database
then I need to keep up my subcription. The thing I liked about
downloading everything from Yahoo was that I didn't have to pay anyone
for the data.

Does anyone know the best way to compress this data? or do any of these
databases handle compression automatically? 5gig will be hard for any
computer to deal with, even in a database.

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