Tkinter / Mac OS X Question (Aqua vs. X11)

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Mar 13 20:03:56 CET 2006

dmsbox2000-list1 at schrieb:
>> Install python using fink, and invoke that. Should work against X11 for
>> all GUI-Toolkits.
> I prefer not to do this.  Darwin is already a Unix, and Apple provides
> a version of X11 that works well with it. 
>  Fink seems like an
> unecessary layer that I would rather not mess with.  Tcl/Tk has a very
> simple way to select.  It would be nice if Python did something similar
> (command line option, an environment variable, whatever).

Fink works precisely _because_ OS X is a unix & has a X11 server. It is 
no "layer", it is just precompiled package management for unix-software 
running under OS X.

 >  I looked for
 > an option in the build process, and from what I can tell, the OS X
 > version looks like it only builds a single version (TkAqua).
> TkAqua and TkX11 do differ, and it would be nice to see the same script
> run under both Aqua and X11 without having to switch machines.

You might be able to tamper with the build process - but I have no idea 
how to do so.


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