python cgi permision error

avenpace at avenpace at
Sun Mar 19 20:11:54 CET 2006

Sorry accidently replying using my other google account

devilandme at wrote:
> >
> > assuming you are running this python script the standard cgi way and not
> > through modpython or fastcgi.
> yes I'm running it in standard cgi way coz my provider only allow me
> that way.
And it's really just simple script. Sorry for the dumb question, I know
modpython but what do you mean by fast cgi
> >
> > try debugging this way.
> >
> > execute the python script from command line as the web user.
> >
> > make sure your python script prints the standard
> >
> > """Content-type: text/html
> >
> > """
Yess I've done that. I have also run it on windows machine and it work.
It seem my apache from SuSE 10.0 had some weird error permision that I
don't understand when running cgi. I'm also had that kinda error if I
running other cgi on perl or binary cgi :(

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