Conversion from string to integer

xkenneth xkenneth at
Wed Mar 22 19:41:20 CET 2006


   I've been attempting to write a serial program in python. I talk to
a custom designed bit of hardware that sends me back groups that are 2
bytes in length. When i recieve them using either pySerial or USPP i'm
not sure how python interprets them. Both of the bytes should be
interpreted as one integer. I store each of the two bytes in a python
array. Here is an example of the data as printed in a terminal.

['\x1dz', '\xa8<', '\x89{', '}O', 'r\xaf', '\x83\xcd', '\x81\xba',
'\x00\x02', '\x00\x00', '\x00\x00', '\x00\x00']

As you can see it either chooses to represent one byte in hex or one in
ascii or both in hex etc. I'm just not sure how to get this into an
integer format.

Thanks for the help.


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