Cross compile generation of .pyc from .py files...

venkatbo at venkatbo at
Wed Mar 1 18:28:01 CET 2006

Terry Reedy wrote:
> ...
> I am under the impression that .pyc files are system independent.
> Have you tried simply copying them over?
> tjr

Hi Terry,

It appears that python on the target ppc system is expecting to see
ppc-related info in the .pyc files. These .pyc were generated at cross
compile time (on i686 system) and packaged, deployed, installed on the
ppc system.  The "...has bad magic..."  appears to indicate that
ppc-version of python is expecting to see ppc-specific .pyc files, but
is encountering i686-specific .pyc files... For some reason, the
cross-compile step that results in the .pyc files is not generating
them for the proper ppc-target, but is building them for the i686
system where they were being cross-compiled...


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