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Thu Mar 9 16:33:12 CET 2006

I used to get all fired up about the language I love. And I'd evangelize a
bit. But I'm getting too old for that. Energy could be better spent
utilizing the tools you like. Sort of a "If you build it, they will come..."
kind of thing.

I get particulalry annoyed now with linux when I start up synaptic and my
choices are cluttered with several programs who might help me in some way,
but the only difference described in the description is that they were
implemented in language XXX.  I don't really consider that a choice, it's
more noise than anything.

On the other hand, programs that really do seem to be valuable don't seem to
be screaming about what language they are written in.  I had no idea the
original BitTorrent was written in python, or scons when I installed it.
Bittorrent helps me get files faster, scons helps me build ardour. They
could be written in lisp for all I care, it benefits me nonetheless.

My opinion is that providing programs that benefit people in some way could
go a lot farther in promoting the language than propoganda about what you
can do with the language. Shouting about the potential of the tools will
only get you so far.

Rails is the killer framework of the moment. So what? Where's the killer app
that helps me do something new? All i hear about is people writing
frameworks on top of rails to do things that can already be done. CMS's for
example, there are some written in rails. To my knowledge none of them are
mature yet, and thus the only "selling" point I hear about "written in
rails".  Benefit to me as a user still = 0%.

How about this? someone write an interface to the quake3 engine, and make it
damn easy for kids to write games and game mods.


Make it possible to write ladspa plugins so that I can write crazy effects
for ardour.


an itunes like music manager that doesn't lock all my music away and handles
m3u files properly out of the box. With a plug in system so people can
extend it.

don't even mention it was done in python, if it's done right, the true value
will be apparent and your users will do the evangelizing for you.

OK, I will now return to my happy place. :)

Thomas G. Willis
America, still more rights than North Korea
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