do design patterns still apply with Python?

shandy.b at shandy.b at
Thu Mar 2 22:01:45 CET 2006

Hi John.

Design patterns aren't tied to any specific implementation so they
should apply to any language.  You might find that they can even apply
to solution domains outside of computer science.

Implementation details will usually differ between languages.  But the
implementation can also be different using the same language.  For
example, you can use Java to implement the Model View Controller design
pattern when writing a web site or when writing a database engine --
the implementation will be very different, but both will be MVC.

In python, you might find it more natural to do design patterns in a
completely different way than they're implemented in Java.  For
example, I've heard of using the Singleton pattern in python by just
implementing it as a module, no classes necessary.


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