McMillan installer on solaris - complains about missing .pkg file

mrstephengross mrstephengross at
Fri Mar 10 20:43:27 CET 2006

I'm trying to get the mcmillan installer utility to generate a
standalone executable for me. I've gotten to work--almost!--but still
have one problem. After running Installer's on my script/spec,
it appears to work. I go into the directory generating by and
run my program. It works! Then I copy my program (foo) to a different
directory and try to run it there. It complains that: "Cannot open self
/home/sgross/foo or archive /home/sgross/foo.pkg". Do I have to
distribute the .pkg file with the executable? If so, is there a way
around this? I want to distribute a single, standalone executable.

--Steve (mrstephengross at

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