read/ edit line from stdin

James Stroud jstroud at
Fri Mar 10 21:39:09 CET 2006

Clemens Hepper wrote:
> Hello,
> for my project confux ( I want to read
> a line from stdin.
> But I don't want the user to type a new line. I want so display a
> value which the user can edit.
> For example I want to ask the user for a hostname and I print
> "localhost", the user modified it to "localserver" and I read it
> after <return>.
> What is the fastest way to realize that? I do NOT want to use curses
> (yet) ;-).
> mfg
> - eth

Why don't you just make "localhost" the default and have the user enter 
the complete name if they want it different. Seems like this is the way 
every CL program I've ever seen works.

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