Why I chose Python over Ruby

Francois florasol at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 5 19:04:43 CET 2006

Alex Martelli wrote:
> I also share your preference for a single namespace for callable and
> non-callable values, as in Python (and Scheme, Lisp, C++, ...), rather
> than disjoint namespaces as in Ruby (and Smalltalk), but I do not see it
> as a question of rigor and consistency at all -- e.g., I do not perceive
> Smalltalk as less rigorous or consistent than C++, on the contrary.
> So, I agree with your choice, and I think I understand your motivations,
> but I do not entirely share your motivations, personally speaking.

Thanks Alex for your excellent explanations. I have the Python Cookbook
2nd Ed., and I highly appreciate your knowledge and experience.

I guess my choice of words "rigor and consistency" was not very good.
In this context "rigor" meant enforcing rules (for example having to
use parentheses to call a method) to prevent ambiguity rather than
depending on heuristics. Also "consistency" meant doing things as
uniformly as possible (for example always call a method with the same
syntax, whether the variable referencing it is the original name or an

-- Francois

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