[ANN] PyGNUGK v3.50 is out

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Sun Mar 19 14:49:18 EST 2006

Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce PyGNUGK v3.50 which is available under the terms
of the GNU GPL from :


PyGNUGK is a Python library which allows full control over one or more
instances of the GNU GateKeeper (http://www.gnugk.org) from any Python

PyGNUGK comes with :

  - The Python library.

  - Sample code :

    - A sample program which can be run :

      - From the command line : it prints plain text, HTML or XML reports
      about the list of registered endpoints and ongoing calls.

      - As a CGI script : When there's no user authentication, it allows
      the same reports as from the command line. With user authentication
      (i.e. Apache's .htaccess files) the HTML report contains links which
      can disconnect active calls or endpoints and unregister endpoints.

    - A test program which tests all available functions of the gatekeeper.

    - A Zope Product : For now it can produce HTML and XML reports, but
      more features will be added later.

NB : the sample programs can be used directly, however for advanced needs
you have to use the library.

A screenshot of the CGI script taken from an earlier release is available
from :


Comments are very much welcome.


Jerome Alet

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