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On Mar 18, 2006, at 5:04, Daniel Nogradi wrote:

> I plan to use python parallel and -- fortunately or unfortunately --
> there are several implementations. At the moment I'm aware of
> and wondered if anyone had experience with any of them. Pros, cons?
> Did anyone try more than one?

Add this one: 

and unless you are 100% convinced that MPI is the interface you want  
to use, also check out this:

PyPar and pyMPI are both high-level interfaces to MPI, i.e. they  
propose an MPI-like message passing interface with the main added  
value being communication of arbitrary Python objects. My own MPI  
interface in ScientificPython is more low-level, since it handles  
only strings and arrays. Its strong point is its C interface, which  
makes it possible to write parallelized mixed C-Python code and to  
integrate parallelized C libraries into Python projects.

My BSP interface (the second link) is what I personally consider the  
most convenient interface for parallel programming in Python. It is  
built on the BSP (Bulk Synchronous Processing) model that works at a  
higher level than message passing: the programmer does not have to  
worry about synchronization, which is a major source of hard-to-track- 
down bugs.

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