MS word document generator

Raja Raman Sundararajan ram0812 at
Wed Mar 15 21:48:49 CET 2006

Hi Michel,
Well,  Office 12 will have very many features. Thats true.
But my document needs to work in all versions of Office.
I hope that pyRtf generated file is fully rtf compatible. :-)
But so far I think it is quite okay.

To answer my first question:
> 1. do an align right of contents inside a cell

Its not possible by speficying alignment in the Cell instance

However, if you really want this feature then create a Paragraph and
then set alignment=2 for the ParagraphPropertySet object
    p = Paragraph( ss.ParagraphStyles.Normal, ParagraphPS(alignment=2)
    p.append(<some text here>)
    c1 = Cell(p)

I need to fiddle around with the RTF to see if I can implement coloring
of Cells


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