Uninstalling Python

Pete pete at nospam.net
Thu Mar 30 04:00:24 CEST 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> "Pete" <pete at nospam.net> writes:
>> I googled "python" and have no interest in it and know nothing about
>> it.
>> Therefore, I would like to uninstall  both the versions since I do
>> not believe I need them.  Would it be okay to uninstall them or
>> would you recommend that I keep them even though I will probably
>> never use them (ie for the future just in case).
> It should be okay to uninstall *any* software on your system if you
> believe you don't want it.
> If you don't have a system that defaults to removing software without
> checking if other packages depend on it, I'd hope you have stern words
> to say to your operating system vendor and seek out more user-friendly
> operating systems.

Thanks Ben...I told you in my very first few words who my operating system 
vendor was (ie non other than "Bill Gates").  I said I was using xpsp2.  So 
do all "windows" xp computer operating systems do what you said (ie, check 
if other packages depend on something that you are uninstalling).  I would 
certainly hope so, since MS is the world leader with "windows".  I am not a 
pc guru like you are, so when you tell me to seek out more user friendly 
operator systems, it is over my head.  I buy my pc's out of the box with 
windows installed on them...Pete

> On the other hand, if packaged programs depend on other packages but
> don't use the operating system package manager to declare this, those
> programs are poorly packaged.
> In short: it's your computer. We hope you'll one day be interested
> enough in Python to want to use it some more. For now, if you want to
> uninstall it, you should feel free, and demand an explanation from
> anything that breaks as a result. 

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