New development windows, IronPython or PythonWin

Caleb Hattingh caleb.hattingh at
Fri Mar 24 23:11:01 CET 2006

Hi Dan

Pythonwin just adds support for specifically MS Windows features, most
prominently COM; writing Excel scripts in python is so cool.   The
standard python distribution for windows runs perfectly on windows.
I'm not sure whether this was clear to you or not.  Also, Thomas
ctypes and comtypes (by Thomas(?) Heller) also allow COM integration,
though I don't think it is as complete as the pythonwin support.

Also, I think IronPython is also supported by only one guy - Jim
Hugunin.  The fact that IronPython development is effectively being
sponsored by Microsoft doesn't fill me with great expectations either,
although it would be a good thing if they really supported it well.


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