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Jed Parsons jedp at ilm.com
Wed Mar 29 06:30:22 CEST 2006

Looks like the top of my message got garbled

I was trying to say that I'm using ldap for the first time,
trying to write a script that authenticates a user against
our ldap server.  etc.  The rest came through.

Hope that makes more sense now :)


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  authenticates a user against our ldap server.: User types in name and 
password, and module sees if name and password check out right with the 
ldap server.

I see that it's pretty straightforward to do this with:

     import ldap
     l = ldap.open('our.ldap.server')
         l.bind_s(username, password, ldap.AUTH_SIMPLE)
         authenticated = True
	authenticated = False

But this uses the plaintext of the user's password.  Is there a proper 
way to send a cryptographic hash to the ldap server?  Or do I have to 
negotiate this through an ssl tunnel or something?

Thanks for any tips.  Cheers!

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