Python Evangelism

rtilley rtilley at
Thu Mar 9 17:17:48 CET 2006

Andrew Gwozdziewycz wrote:
> On 3/9/06, rtilley <rtilley at> wrote:
>>>Doug Bromley wrote:
>>>>I can see Ruby overtaking Python if we don't ALL do something about it.
>>I think it's the name. Python. Let's change it to something nicer. Think
>>about it... if you found a Ruby, you'd pick it up and put it in your
>>pocket. If you ran across a Python, you'd run away.
> Woah, are you actually serious? What would changing the name of language you're
> trying to market do for the marketing campaign?

Yes I am. But I'm no one so there is no need to take my advice :)

Snakes are naturally thought of as bad or dangerous. Some large snakes 
eat our pets and other small, warm-blooded, furry mammals like us. 
People naturally kill snakes or run from them. We teach children to 
avoid snakes. It's almost instinct to fear them. So, you have a product, 
an idea, a method... don't name it after something that is so naturally 
repulsive. It's really that simple.

I've had people ask about the "Python" folder on their computer. They 
thought it must be a virus or malware simply based on its name.

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