Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Tim Parkin tim at
Sun Mar 12 14:09:36 EST 2006

Paul Boddie wrote:
> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>>(I'd solve this by adding disambiguation to the page itself, since
>>people can arrive on it in many different ways.  good information
>>design is not only about what's on the front page...)
> True, but then I'd hope that, for example, a "Support" link would lead
> to a "Support" page which had support-related resources. Any front page
> link to a "developers of the implementation" page would also have to
> lead to something pertinent to that description, too. But having looked
> in the past at various parts of the old site in order to find canonical
> resources, perhaps the biggest challenge in maintaining the Python site
> is having coherent navigation with less redundant content: I got the
> impression that there were a number of pages that had been kept around
> "just in case we don't mention this somewhere else" and links through
> such pages with no guarantee that you'd get to an up-to-date summary of
> the desired information in a timely fashion, if at all.
Indeed, that is one of the big challenges and we're trying to approach
it from the top down. At the moment we've trimmed down the number of top
level sections and the next stage is to address the top page of each of
those sections (e.g. the 'community', 'documentation','python-dev' pages).

Still some work left cleaning up after the move to the new site but this
is going to be a priority very soon. Do you want me to include you on
any emails regarding this?

Tim Parkin

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