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Wed Mar 29 19:57:35 EST 2006

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 16:32:39 GMT, Adrienne Boswell wrote:

>Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Water Cooler v2" 
><wtr_clr at> writing in news:1143627824.174540.13710
>> I know what it is, and yet the knowledge of what a CMS is, is so vague
>> that I find myself asking this question every now and then. I've
>> googled and read the resources too. However, the knowledge is still not
>> clear. It is so vague.
>For me, it was a way to give my client (local parish) some things:
>1. An easy way for them to make _content_ changes to their website, 
>without getting into the nuts and bolts and potentially creating havoc.
>2. A way to make the site searchable for the user.
>3. A way from keeping them from publishing Word documents as HTML - urgh!
>4. A way to have content changes immediate, and not have to wait for 24 
>hours before their current hosting company downloads content (in Word, 
>with no navigation).
>I rolled my own in ASP/Access, not very complicated because I didn't need 
>anything complicated.

Try taking a look at Joomla:

I generally hand code PHP sites, but occasionally use a CMS. Of all
the ones I tested, Joomla seemed (to me) to be the most flexible.

If you install the JCE (WYSIWYG) editor, it actually has a "paste from
Word" function that tries to strip out as much MX cr*p as it can - but
it's a tall order!

I've [even] used Joomla for pretty simple non-"blog" sites simply for
the remote admin and the search functions. It really is best suited
for the more "newsy" community sites. It's definitely worth a look at,


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