Parsing Hints

mwt michaeltaft at
Fri Mar 17 19:57:48 CET 2006

Hi -
I'm working on parsing a file that has data that looks like the sample
below. Obviously, I can't just split the string by colons. I'm pretty
new to regex, but I was thinking of something that would essentially
"split" by colons only if the are preceded by alpha characters -- thus
eliminating problems of splitting up times, etc. Still, I'm nagged by
the spectre of you gurus knowing a powerful way to approach this
problem. Am I on the right track here with this regex idea? Any hints
as to the sanest angle on parsing this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here's a sample of the data:

 Index 4: folding now
  server:; project: 1809
  Folding: run 17, clone 19, generation 35; benchmark 669; misc: 500,
  issue: Wed Mar 15 18:32:19 2006; begin: Wed Mar 15 18:32:25 2006
  due: Fri Apr 28 19:32:25 2006 (44 days)
  core URL:
  CPU: 1,0 x86; OS: 4,0 Linux
  assignment info (le): Wed Mar 15 18:32:19 2006; A0F3AAD2
  CS:; P limit: 5241856
  user: MWT; team: 0; ID: 1A2BFB777775B7B; mach ID: 2
  work/wudata_04.dat file size: 82814; WU type: Folding at Home
Average download rate 97.552 KB/s (u=4); upload rate 38.718 KB/s (u=3)
Performance fraction 0.950453 (u=3)

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