import, from and reload

Dave Benjamin ramen at
Thu Mar 2 22:48:07 CET 2006

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, John Salerno wrote:

> Dave Benjamin wrote:
>> In general, "from X import *" should be avoided anyway, for reasons that 
>> have been discussed many times in the past. The annoyance with reloading is 
>> just one more reason. Better to just use "import X" in the first place.
> Thanks. I kind of figured it's better to use import instead of from anyway, 
> but I was following along with some examples that use from (despite the fact 
> that earlier in the book they even say that from is problematic and you 
> should use import instead!)  :)

No problem. I stand by my original advice, but there is one semi-oneliner 
that you might find useful:

reload(__import__('X')); from X import *

You could keep that in your clipboard and paste it into the interpreter 
when you need to reload.

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