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> Ben Cartwright wrote:
>> BartlebyScrivener wrote:
>>> What about a console beep? How do you add that?
>>> rpd
>> Just use ASCII code 007 (BEL/BEEP):
>>   >>> import sys
>>   >>> sys.stdout.write('\007')
>> Or if you're on Windows, use the winsound standard module.
> I'd prefer to be platform neutral when possible. Is the first option
> that, or does this change depending on OS?

It is display dependent what display does with control codes.  \007 is ANSI 
ascii control char which only works to beep on ansi terminals or emulation 
thereof.  On PCs and  Windows, displays have extended char set that prints 
most all char codes.  \007 prints as a square box.  IBM EBCDIC terminals 
would probably do third thing.

Terry Jan Reedy

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