Python advocacy in scientific computation

Michael Tobis mtobis at
Mon Mar 6 21:03:49 CET 2006

> I have met no problems using F90 together with f2py

Thank you for the correction. I should have qualified my statement.

Our group must cope with F90 derived types to wrap a library that we
need. f2py fails to handle this case. While the f2py site alleges that
someone is working on this, I contacted the fellow and he said it was
on hold.

To our knowledge only the (officially unreleased) Babel toolkit can
handle F9* derived types. I would be pleased to know of alternatives.
To be fair, Babel remains in development, and so perhaps it will become
less unwieldy, and the developers have been very helpful to us. Still,
it certainly is not as simple a matter as f2py or swig.


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