Advice from distutils experts?

olsongt at olsongt at
Sat Mar 4 23:19:55 CET 2006

I'm doing something a little wierd in one of my projects.  I'm
generating a C source file based on information extracted from python's
header files.  Although I can just generate the file and check the
result into source control, I'd rather have the file generated during
the install process instead of doing it manually.

So I'd like to:
    + have the file generated when a unix user runs install.
    + have the file generated when I create a windows binary
    + not have the file generated when I create source distribution
.tgz's and .zip's.

I'd appreciate any pointers on the best way to hook into disutils to do
this.  And if the answer is "Your crazy, generate the file outside of
distutils." just let me know.


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