Blackbird fake at nospam.no
Tue Mar 7 03:03:33 CET 2006

Blackbird wrote:
> Blackbird <fake at nospam.no> skrev:
>> Is the interpreter in fact using repr(), or parts of it, to generate
>> output when you type an expression at the command prompt?  The
>> results sure look similar.
> Let me clarify this:  The interpreter uses eval.  No doubt about
> that. But
>>>> eval('f')
> <function f at 0x0128CFB0>
>>>> repr(f)
> '<function f at 0x0128CFB0>'
> So there is still a connection between eval and repr that I don't
> fully understand, besides the fact that eval (among other things) is
> the inverse of repr.  Do they share some code, and if so, what part?
> Well, I guess I could of course take a few weeks off and dive into
> the source... not sure my wife would approve..

Aarghh...  the command line interpreter of course use both repr and eval.
In fact, when presented by a top level (unindented) expression,



print repr(eval('<expr>'))

the two lines produce the same output, so this last program *is* in fact the
interpreter.  Now I'll get some sleep, and a life, and stop talking to
myself on usenet.

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