Validating Syntax only with PyParser_SimpleParseString ?

gaston.gloesener at gaston.gloesener at
Thu Mar 30 18:01:03 CEST 2006

Thanks for th eanswers so far.

But as you can see from the function I use, I do need an interface
function to do th ejob from C++. I canno timagine there is no clean way
to do this. Calling th epython interpreter to execute a compule
function in python and then get the output parsed to get th eerror
message i snot an option. The strange thing however is that I have
tried to use th ecompile interface function first and this one did
return an error. I supposed this was because th ewhole context did not
exist so I went to the "parse only" function.

The main question I have is what to do with the pointer to the node
structure returned by this function, as freeing th epointer with free()
throws an error.

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