Can I export my datas in pickle format safely ?

Sybren Stuvel sybrenUSE at
Fri Mar 31 17:05:06 CEST 2006

DurumDara enlightened us with:
> I want to create a database from datas.

Just nitpicking: 'data' is already plural, a single is called 'datum'.

> I thinking about that I can use the pickle to serialize/load my
> datas from the file.

Sure you can. Be very, very careful though, since unpickling data can
result in that data taking over your Python.

> And when I changed my python version from ??? to 2.3(?), and I get
> some error messages...

Which is exactly as documented in the pickle module.

> So: I want to store datas in the simply as possible, but I don't
> want to get error messages in the future, when I upgrade a new
> python version.

Without knowing more about your data, I can't help you out. You could
try an SQLite database.

> I see that the Gnosis project have pickle tools that can dump
> objects to XML.  XML is compatible in any future versions, I can
> read it, etc.

Don't be too sure that it's compatible for the indefinite future. XML
is just as future-proof as any other format.

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