Python 2.5 Schedule

Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at
Sat Mar 18 22:31:08 CET 2006

Don Taylor wrote:
> nnorwitz at wrote:
>> For more details about the plan for Python 2.5, see:
> I hope that this is not considered too off topic, but what compiler is 
> going to be used for the MSW version of 2.5?
> If it is going to the MS Visual Studio 2005 compiler then will it be 
> possible to use the 'free' Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition to build 
> extensions?

I think there will be no compiler switching for a while.  The previous
switch from VC 6 was in part because there was no longer any legal way
to get a VC 6.0 compiler.  This round at least is sticking with the same
compiler as Python 2.4 (VC 7.0).

The new 2005 compiler flags much of the Python source with complaints
about perfectly legal ANSI C constructs, and a "clean build" is a strong
preference of the PyDev group.

-Scott David Daniels
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