ANN: pywinauto 0.3.0 released - now localization proof

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Tue Mar 21 21:24:34 CET 2006

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Hi Bryan,

On 3/21/06, Bryan <belred at> wrote:
> mark.m.mcmahon at wrote:
> > ANN: pywinauto 0.3.0 released - now localization proof
> i just tried the notepad demo and it's very nice.  the only thing was in the
> demo it shows one Click() method to close the notepadabout dialog. but for me on
> windows xp media edition, it took two Click()  methods.  the first click clearly
> had the button depressed and the second click released the button back up.  is
> this a bug in 0.3.0? or is it the new way of doing it... two clicks for each
> button?

The notepad demo in the project (examples\notepad*.py) do not touch
the about dialog - so I guess you are looking at the demo on

Only one click should be necessary - for closing dialogs it is a
little safer to use CloseClick() (just because it can take a little
bit of time to close some dialogs - and this methods just waits a
little longer after clicking).

I assume you are using pywinauto from the interactive prompt? The
problem is that it seems notepad doesn't seem to accept the click when
it doesn't have focus. But if you are running this in a script then it
WILL have focus and the Click() will work. (I tried :-) )

> also, i would be really nice if the FAQ mentioned where you could get free or
> opensourced spy utilities so you could spy on controls and get their id values
> or internal names.

Will do :-) do a google for Winspector - which I use all the time.

> thanks,
> bryan

Thank you!

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