1.090516455488E9 / 1000000.000 ???

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Tue Mar 28 16:59:32 CEST 2006

"Math" wrote:

> I got a simple and probably stupid newby question..
> When I compute:
> 1.090516455488E9 / 1000000
> the result is 1090516455.49
> Should be 1090516455.488

assuming you meant ~1090, it is:

>>> 1.090516455488E9 / 1000000

unless you round it off to 12 significant digits, which is
what str() does:

>>> str(1.090516455488E9 / 1000000)

on the other hand, if you meant E15 instead, you get
another problem:

>>> 1.090516455488E15 / 1000000
1090516455.4879999 # oops!

>>> str(1.090516455488E15 / 1000000)

the reason is of course that floating point are stored as a limited
number of base 2-digits internally.  what you get when you con-
vert that back to decimal depends on the resulting number itself,
not on the number of significant digits you used on the original

for more on this topic, see


and consider using



> I know something with float and //...

if you know how floats work, how come you're surprised by
rounding issues ?


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