django and mod_python

Laurent Rahuel lrahuel.notgood at
Mon Mar 6 12:09:19 CET 2006

Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:

> bapolis at a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I read the mod_python documentation on the Django site but I'm getting
>> this error:
>> EnvironmentError: Could not import DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE
>> 'accesshiphop.settings' (is it on sys.path?): No module named
>> accesshiphop.settings
>> Here's my httpd.conf:
> (snip - already answered)
> <OT>
> BTW, there's a django mailing-list, and IIRC a mod_python mailing-list
> too. When possible, post to the most specific(s) list(s).
> </OT>


There are also some wxpython, pyqt, ... mailing-list, iircc and you don't
seem to bother requesters with not being at the right place ;-)



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