Exception not raised - May be the end

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at TOGLIunipex.it
Thu Mar 2 16:58:28 CET 2006

Hi group,
some days ago I posted here and say that python "forgot" to raise an
exception, but my code was too long for make some tries possible.
But now I can reproduce the problem into another, little, project:

(Need wx 2.6)

Here is the code:


Execute the wxFrameSchedule.py into a terminal (or where you want) and
select on menu bar:
Show -> Only work hour

The program print and "forgot" to raise an exception:

12  #e number before the call that "must", but don't raise the exception
<type 'dict'> False # variable type and if the value are inside the keys
                     # (str in dict)
#Here the program don't raise the KeyError exception.

Le lines are:
- 44 in wxFrameSchedule (self._mb.GetMenuState("ShowOnlyworkhour"))
- 802 in metamenus (this = self.MBStrings[_prefixMB + menu_string])

Hope that someone can reproduce this error. I see it on win2k (terminal
usage) and debian (terminal and eric3 )...

py 2.3.5 and wx 2.6

Thanks a lot,

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