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Robert Boyd robert.h.boyd at
Thu Mar 9 18:22:57 CET 2006

On 3/9/06, rtilley <rtilley at> wrote:
> Paul Boddie wrote:
> > I agree with you here, though. I want to be diplomatic here, but Cheese
> > Shop - a name for a package repository, for those who are lost already
> > - is really just a totally stupid name. Yes, I'm aware of the Monty
> > Python sketch, mediocre by the high standards of the Pythons' various
> > other works, but people really shouldn't have to buy into some kind of
> > clique to decode terminology in order to get help, support, updates,
> > and to learn more about the technology they're using. Some people
> > haven't even seen Monty Python...
> Even more reason to change the name.
> Use a name that has lots of other widely known, well thought of names
> associated with it. The Ruby name is a very good example of this.
> Although, this was accidental and not planned.
> People associate the words precious, valued, gem, treasured, stone
> solid, etc. with the word ruby. Also, a good product with a good name
> makes it easy for others to add value by building other good names
> around it.
> What do you think of when you hear 'eggs'? Many people think 'rotten',
> 'smelly' or something that made them throw-up once. The point of this is
> that names _matter_ and influence what others think even if only in a
> subconscious way.
> I'll leave it at that. I like Python a lot. Technically, it's awesome. I
> don't think the language is bad... just the names associated with it.

This is getting too silly! The name 'Python' is just as good a choice
as many other names. What do _you_ think of when you hear 'Linux'? Or
C? Or 'Perl'? (how many programmers visualize pearls when writing
Perl? I never did). Yet these things got very popular and didn't
suffer due to a non-shiny happy name. Some people think 'cool' when
they think of Pythons (snakes or comedy troupes). Some people think
'delicious' when they hear the word eggs. Some people may think
"girl's name" when they hear Ruby, or think Wizard of Oz and slippers.
It's not as if Python is named lark's vomit.

And re Cheeseshop, yes, it's a poor name when you consider that the
point of the skit was that the cheeseshop _had no cheese_, whose only
purpose was to "deliberately waste your time." Not a great name for a
package library, especially for those in the know of Python humor!


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