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> import random

Now that you've tripped over this ambiguity of Python's current
'import' behaviour, you may be interested to know that the behaviour
will change to solve this:


In brief: Python will disambiguate relative imports (from the current
package) from absolute imports (from the sys.path), by only allowing
relative imports by a specific syntax; the default import behaviour
will be absolute import.

In line with Python's procedure for introducing changes to behaviour,
the new behaviour will be introduced in backward-compatible stages. In
Python 2.5, a 'from __future__ import absolute_import' will enable the
import behaviour specified in the PEP; in Python 2.6, the Python 2.4
behaviour will occur but raise a DeprecationWarning; in Python 2.7,
the import behaviour specified in the PEP will be the default.

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