Experienced UI programmers: help me decide (please ;)

Chris Mellon arkanes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 18:39:49 CET 2006

On 3/24/06, Wildemar Wildenburger <wildemar at freakmail.de> wrote:
> Ok, so i've whipped up this GUI with wxPython but I realize that it
> might hinder the sort of thing I wantto do. What do I want to do?
> Basically its a note taking app that should present little boxes of text
> to the user. Also the boxes can be interconnected which is signified by
> arrows between the boxes. Yes, a little like cmaptools
> (http://cmap.ihmc.us/).
> So wxPython makes it easy to use the usual widgets (esp. textviews and
> treeviews) which I need, but its rather hard on the graphical side (for
> example: I also like the idea of continous zooming *shudder*).
> I've found that maybe pygame could give me the "java swing" like
> expressivenes I want; however I'm unshure whether it supports easy text
> editing facilities (I'll be needing syntax highlighting featues soon)
> and the above mentioned general widgets?
> There seem to be several packages providing this for pygame; whcih do
> you recommend and why (and which not and why).
> Also, feel free to suggest other toolkits with respect to the above.
> thx
> wildemar
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The native text controls in wxPython don't support zooming (although
wx.stc does - you could use that). Aside from that, all the available
tools I'm aware of for this sort of thing are raster-based, so you'll
lose a lot of performance and/or image quality. If you decide to write
an SVG renderer for wx based on your needs, let me know - it's
something thats been on my "todo eventually" list for ages.

However, I suspect that what you need is more likely to exist already
in the other toolkits you mentioned.

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