Non-GUI source code browser with file system tree view

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at
Thu Mar 30 15:32:29 CEST 2006


from time to time I want to inspect the source code of projects
on remote computers.(*) I've googled for one or two hours but
didn't find anything helpful. :-/ I'm looking for something like
IDLE's path browser - i. e. a tree view and file view
side-by-side - but with the following differences:

- doesn't need an X connection to the remote computer where the
  sources are

- must also work with other programming languages (ideally with
  syntax highlighting)

- consequently, the tree view will not be based on a module
  search path but on a file system directory

Ideally, but not necessesarily, this browser should be written in
Python. If possible, it should be open source software. It _must_
run on GNU/Linux and, if possible, on Mac OS X (a local X server
is ok if the mentioned browser is a curses-based program).
(Another approach might be a small web application server in the
spirit of "pydoc -p <port>" which could connect to a local port
forwarded with ssh.)

Does anyone know of a source code browser which meets the
requirements listed above or links that could help me? Many
thanks in advance. :-)

(*) Copying the files to the local host is probably rather
impractical because the files sometimes change very frequently.
Developing only locally is impractical for some projects because
the remote development server has some infrastructure that I
can't reproduce locally or only with a lot of work.


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