Is there no end to Python?

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Sun Mar 19 04:07:29 CET 2006

"Jeffrey Schwab" <jeff at> wrote in message 
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> Sorry, that came out a lot ruder than I meant it.

There has been much worse here, and even more in other groups...

> I've always heard that Python was extremely easy to learn.  I'm still
> fairly new to the language, though (2.2), and I have not found it any
> easier to learn than Perl or Ruby.  It's great that all these new
> features have been added, but if I want power at the expense of
> intuitive language constructs, I'll stick to C++.

Guido is not completely oblivious to complexification versus ease of 
learning.  The problem at present is that 2.5 will have most of the 
additions that have been planned for 3.0 but, for back-compatibility, few 
of the deletions and simplifications.

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