Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Peter Decker pydecker at
Sun Mar 12 02:33:56 CET 2006

On 3/11/06, Mike C. Fletcher <mcfletch at> wrote:

> I realise it's an incredibly boring name, but what about pronouncing it
> as "the package index" or "the Python Package Index".  Spelling it
> "PyPI" if one insists on a very short name in some written context is
> fine, but try not to use it when talking to a new user.  That is, link
> to the page as "The Package Index" from, refer to it as
> "you can find that in the package index", or "The Python Package Index
> has modules for X, Y, and Z" in a non-Python context.  Use pippy if
> you're talking with someone deeply embedded in Python culture (maybe),
> but don't expect people to know what you're talking about.  Use "the
> Cheese Shop" similarly.

I think that calling it simple 'Python Package Index' is a great idea.
If you want a shortened version, call it by its initials: PPI. No need
for cutesy 'pippy' pronunciations or odd 'PyPI' capitalizations. Just


# p.d.

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