[ANN] Pydev and Pydev Extensions 1.0.3 release

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 18:41:33 CET 2006

Hi All,

Pydev and Pydev Extensions 1.0.3 have been released

Check http://www.fabioz.com/pydev for details on Pydev Extensions

and http://pydev.sf.net for details on Pydev

Highlights in Pydev Extensions:

- Added open declaration 'quick dialog' - Ctrl+Shift+T: Enables the user to
find any global (class, method or attribute) declaration, including methods
and attributes from classes (does not show only 'top-level' tokens).
- Code analysis minor bugs fixed
- Added a 'memento' for the Quick outline layout

Highlights in Pydev:

- Auto-dedent for else: and elif constructs
- Added color customization for the function name and class name
- Fixed error while organizing imports with the construct from xxx import
(a,b\n c)
- Fixed debugger error: it could halt when getting some variable
representation if the variable translated in a string that was huge
- Fixed error while debugging with conditional breakpoint (only evaluated
the first time) -- Thank Achim Nierbeck for this fix
- Show in view: Resource Navigator (Ctrl+Alt+W) now is always active on the
pydev view
- Fixed leak on template images


Fabio Zadrozny
Software Developer

ESSS - Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software

Pydev Extensions

Pydev - Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse
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