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Robert Boyd robert.h.boyd at
Wed Mar 8 17:12:58 CET 2006

On 8 Mar 2006 07:47:15 -0800, Michael Tobis <mtobis at> wrote:
> > No one
> > of the complainers and negativists do claim that they could do it much
> > better.
> Indeed, I do not have to be able to write a particular program to
> notice it has bugs.
> On the other hand, (since I think the design, while not brilliant, is
> good) fixing the logo is something that can be achieved without too
> much fuss.
> [snip]

While I don't dislike the logo, there has been a lot of grumbling
about it. Dislike has been due to aesthetic reasons, or the
resemblance to a cross, or general "it's not as good as x".

So I gave it another close look, and I wondered if this would improve it:

Retain the stylized blue snake. Remove the yellow snake, but keep its
body that's in line horizontally with the blue snake's, and color it
blue. Result: one snake with a horizontal tail that curls up slightly
at the right edge.

Or, again remove the yellow snake, but have the blue snake's tail go
down, and lengthen the head to be flush with the left edge of the
logo. Result: a stylized snake that resembles the letter P. (maybe too

Both ideas lose the symmetry, but retain the simplicity, of the
current logo. And hopefully will look like a snake instead of tadpoles

Or, we just grow to like the logo as is and get back to programming ;)


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