Is there no end to Python?

kpp9c kp8 at
Sat Mar 18 20:31:10 CET 2006

>> This is a common (and silly) whine.

1. not a whine
2. if it is really common is it all that silly?

>> effort in a free system is not
fungible.  The odds of your affecting how the people doing the work
by complaining about how they do it and their priorities are about
zero to one.

That is true only if my goals were to actually effect a change. if you
read what i wrote it is 1000% clear i don't expect that at all. Just
stating an opinion about how Python has evolved. We've seen a lot of
gains, in terms of power and speed and have lots of new toys, i am just
point out that any new tech comes at a cost, and that this whole "i
don't need to know this thing that has fundamentally changed how the
program works" idea is a flawed. It don't matter that you don't use it,
at some point someone else will and unless you live in a cave, you are
gonna be staring at other folks code scratching your head. I am a
better programmer than before, but i scratch my head a lot more @ 2.4
that i did at 2.0.

oh, well. i knew some one would flame me.


my main point is that new language constructs giveth and new language
constructs also taketh away.

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