newbie: plain old object kernel already built in?

RK usidoesit at
Thu Mar 30 18:21:22 CEST 2006

I'm looking to do something like POJO/AOP in Python.

(ref pojo, aspectj for Java, CodeFarms for C++ , esp see two-layer diagram #2 here: ).

The thing with a two-layer design and plain old objects is you need a
kernel to manage it,  seems to me.   JBoss is a pojo kernel in the java

Is this already built-in to python somehow?

(had gone looking for unit testing in python and found it built-in,
figured this question worth a shot)

The trouble with existing pojo kernels implemented with aspect syntax
is that the aspects are in the language,  seems to me you need the
second layer to be implemented in a rdbms if you want to be taken
seriously by enterprises.


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