New site

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Sat Mar 11 19:55:02 CET 2006

Luis M. González wrote:
> I wouldn't want to sound like I'm criticizing other people's work.
> To those who offered their time to create this site, which is quite an
> improvement over the old one, thank you!
> However, I like the idea of a contest. Both for the site and for the
> logo.
> Perhaps something cool could come up from the new crop of
> Django/TurboGears fans our there...
> For many people, these things may seem superfluos or not important at
> all, but good marketing and good design helps to create an image and an
> identity.

I'm >0 on this. And besides the marketing or "evangelizing" aspect it
may happen that a new site is not only cool but also innovative? I'm
just not sure what will follow up? In a public competition among
architects the winner will finally be commissioned to create the
building and earn money for it. What could be the gift to an imaginary
winner of a Python site design competition? Sponsoring is a fine idea
but should banner advertisment be actually a part of the design


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