MVC in Python for web app dev

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Mon Mar 27 00:31:19 CEST 2006

m.wanstall at a écrit :
> Thanks Rune. I've already checked out Django and TG and have found both
> the projects to be a little misguided. I think the one great thing they
> have over Rails is the use of SQLObject 

Then you haven't really checked Django - it doesn't use SQLObject.

> Having said that, neither TG or Django seem to have the learning
> material available on an equivilent standard to Rails.

I found Django's doc to be mostly good, even if a bit terse on some 
points (but then there's the mailing-list).

> Maybe it's just
> because they're more immature and thus Rails has got the head start
> here.

Django has been 'extracted' from existing software (3+ years of use in 
production), so I wouldn't call it 'immature'. It certainly has warts 
(the most obvious one - the ORM - will be fixed in 0.92, that is in few 
weeks), but I found it mostly usable, and (this ORM issue apart, but 
transition should not be a big issue) stable enough to start using it on 
real-life projects.

> I guess more than pointing out a few URLs I was looking for some
> peoples honest opinion on why they would chose one over the other
> (besides the basis of language alone).

Well, the 'language' criteria is already enough for me. Ruby is fine 
too, but I've already been programming in Python for 5+ years - talking 
about 'head start' !-)

> I'm just trying to source the
> most viable option at the moment, trying to find something to offer
> quickly without resorting to *shudders* Spring or the like.

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