Cheese Shop -> BSOL?

Tim Churches tchur at
Sat Mar 11 03:30:43 CET 2006

Would it be possible to rename "Cheese Shop" as "Bright Side of Life"?

That's a cheery, upbeat name, there are overtones of commerce or filthy
lucre, it is a clear reference to one of the Monty Python crew's
greatest works, it can be easily abbreviated to BSOL (to avoid confusion
with BSL for blood sugar level, and to have some resonance with another
well-known Python acronym, BDFL), it is associated with a memorable
theme tune which, appropriately, reminds one to always look on the BSOL
(see for the
 lyrics), one can install an (ALOT)BSOL ringtone on your mobile (cell)
phone if one wishes like - see (or hear) for example , and it possesses a
certain irony just like the original Cheese Shop allusion.

So, BSOL instead of Cheese Shop? I am quite prepared to be crucified
(cheerfully) for this suggestion.

Tim C

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