Simulation Programming Skills and Python

Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at
Mon Mar 6 18:39:27 CET 2006

So I can't develop and code the model simultaneously if I'm relying on the
programming skill of someone who doesn't understand what I'm modelling?
Also, say I (the hypothetical expert of knowledge domain X) learn
programming, an I necessarily going to know how to model X with programming?
When you become a full fledge programmer are you able to see everything
(relationships and so forth) as code so easily?

On 6 Mar 2006 09:24:18 -0800, gene tani <gene.tani at> wrote:
> ...
> The 1st question is open-ended, it's kind of like asking are
> mathematicians good at music by disposition on average?  (or something
> like that)  When you're modeling a knowledge domain with a developer
> who doesn't master the details of the domain, you have to have
> incredible specifications and testing, at all levels of the model
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