Uploading files from IE

Tim Williams (gmail) tdwdotnet at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 00:53:39 CET 2006

On 22/03/06, AB <amy-g-art at cox.net> wrote:

> >
> > try something like this:
> > filename = os.path.basename(fullpathname)
> I tried the following with the same result:
> myName = ulImage.filename
> newFile = file (os.path.join(upload_dir, os.path.basename(myName)), 'wb')
> Any other ideas?  Seems like it shouldn't be a browser issue though...

In Karrigell,  this upload script works in IE and firefox,   and the basics
are similar to yours.

import os
f = _myfile.file # file-like object
dest_name = os.path.basename(_myfile.filename)
out = open('c:/WINNT/Profiles/tw/Desktop/webupload/'+dest_name,'wb')
# copy file
import shutil
print "File Uploaded Succesfully" #print to browser

Maybe your cgi is returning something strange, have you tried some print
statements to see what's going on at various parts of the script ?
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